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Introduction to English Major

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English Bachelor’s degree Four-year academic system

Major courses: Integrated Skills of English, Advanced English, English Speaking, English Reading, English Writing, Translation Theory and Practice, English Listening, Introduction to Linguistics.

Major requirements and career paths after graduation: English major aims to cultivate the applied and innovative English talents with an international perspective and humanistic literacy, who can acquire the knowledge of English language, literature, and culture, possess English language skills, critical thinking and innovation ability, practical innovation ability, and cross-cultural communication skills. They also have specialty in medical English and possess proficiency in translation, teaching, and management work in departments such as education, culture, foreign medicine, foreign affairs, foreign trade, technology, press and publication, etc. Graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree. They can engage in translation, teaching, management, research, and other work in enterprises and institutions such as foreign affairs, medical technology, education, economics and trade, culture, news and publishing, and tourism.

English Major Proficiency Tests: In the past five years, the scores of English major students attained in the National TEM-4 and TEM-8 has consistently surpassed the national average by more than 15%, with passing rates reaching or exceeding 80% in multiple years.

Graduate school admission: The number of English major students applying for postgraduate entrance exams has been increasing year by year. Multiple students have been admitted to pursue master's degrees at renowned universities, such as Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Nankai University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Beijing Language and Culture University, Nanjing Normal University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Shandong University, China University of Petroleum, Ocean University of China, Shandong Normal University, Chongqing University, Qingdao University, etc. Among them, several have achieved top or high ranks in both the initial and final exams for postgraduate entrance at Nankai University and other institutions. In recent years, an increasing number of graduates from English major have been enrolled in master's programs at prestigious universities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Employment situation: Many graduates of English major have secured positions in various fields, including government agencies, the banking industry, Chinese and foreign enterprises, higher education institutions, and basic education. The employment prospects are promising, and our English major graduates have taken up positions or taught at universities such as Peking University, Tianjin Medical University, North China Electric Power University, and Shandong University of Finance and Economics.