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Introduction to Tourism Management Major

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I. Overview

The Tourism Management Major was established in 2003 and is one of the University's distinctive majors. Starting from 2024, a Tourism Management Minor will be offered.

II. Educational Objectives

This specialty aims to cultivate talents who are adaptable to the development of modern tourism industry, possessing a high level of modern management theory and a systematic knowledge of tourism management, equipped with strong foreign language application ability, practical working ability, and relevant knowledge of healthcare tourism, possessing basic theories and methods of entrepreneurship, with humanistic spirit, international vision, innovative awareness, entrepreneurial spirit, strong professional skills and comprehensive quality, and application-oriented, composite senior talents with advanced skills and comprehensive qualities.

III. Educational Model

The major adopts the credit system, with a basic study period of 4 years and a flexible study period of 3-6 years. Students will be awarded a Bachelor's degree in Management upon completion of required credits. The major is divided into three directions: Healthcare Tourism, Tourism Resource Planning, and Tourism Enterprise Management.

IV. Employment Prospects

Tourism Management graduates have consistently received positive evaluations from employers due to their solid professional knowledge and good foreign language skills, as well as their diligent work style. They can work in healthcare bases, tourist attractions, tourism planning and consulting institutions, travel agencies, and other tourism enterprises and government tourism administration departments, where they can engage in business operations, management, planning, consulting, and service work.