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Introduction to Foreign Language Audio-visual Technology Center

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The Foreign Language Audio-visual Technology Center is an important place for teaching language skills such as visual, listening and speaking, as well as language experiments and practical training. It is also an open center for students to carry out language skills training.

At present, there are 7 language labs, 1 simultaneous interpretation lab, 1 translation studio, 1 multi-functional training room and 1 foreign language radio broadcasting station in Taian Campus. It mainly offers English majors, translation majors, Russian majors and tourism management (English Orientation) undergraduate students phonetic, listening, audio-visual, interpretation, translation, tourism practical training and other experimental courses.

The Center has established language laboratories in Jinan campus as well, which undertakes audio-visual teaching tasks of college English, graduate English, English (second degree) and other elective courses in other languages. All laboratories of the Audio-visual Experimental Center are open to all students.

Based on the rules and regulations of the school, the center has gradually formulated and improved the management system of the language laboratories, the rules of the broadcasting station, the duties of the personnel, the management regulations on the opening of the language room and the safety management of the laboratory.

1、Introduction to language labs

Modern language labs are known by many names, such as the language lab, multimedia language media center, and multimedia learning center. These various names usually refer to the same concept of using a dedicated language teaching system or platform to teach new foreign languages. In a language laboratory, with the help of audio-visual teaching aids, a passive language class is transformed into an active listening-and-speaking-based learning environment, which helps language teachers and students to carry out their language classes more efficiently. The language lab has been the most prominent application to use educational technology to enhance foreign language teaching in formal education sector.

2、Simultaneous interpretation Training Laboratory

This multi-functional laboratory contains a set of translation training, simultaneous interpretation training facilities, which can meet the requirements of translation teaching, simultaneous interpretation training, and international multilingual conference. The laboratory is equipped with a speaker's seat, 4 interpreter's rooms, and 40 audience's seats.

3、Translation Studio incorporates project management and computer-aided translation (CAT),and helps students to translate efficiently and consistently by leveraging existing translations from translation memories by stimulating the duties and procedures of project managers, translators, editors, proofreaders and other language service providers.

4、Foreign language Broadcasting Station is mainly used for large-scale foreign language listening tests. Foreign language Broadcasting Station can play different listening materials on two different channels at the same time. At present, foreign language Broadcasting stations in Jinan and Tai 'an campuses cover the whole campus seamlessly. Learners can receive listening materials on campus by using wireless headset. Currently, MHZ95.2 and 96.5 channels are mainly used for broadcasting.

5. Online-learning Resources